We live in an age of information and as such, we have to keep our ear on the ground with regards to current topics and trends. Our goals would be:

  • To ensure information reaches the ears that need to hear
  • To be current on available research that should be shared
  • To create a platform of shared and creative interest
  • To provide practical application to theory
  • To discuss case studies that may be helpful to the viewer.

As topics of interest arise, we might host a guest speaker or arrange a webinar on a topic that we have researched for current information.


The categories will vary from child development to parenting information to professional intervention on a variety of topics, including:

  • Different diagnostic categories
  • Hot topics such as “screen time”, etc.
  • Intervention techniques
  • Assessment of individual profiles
  • Practical parenting ideas

We would like to know if you have a specific topic that would interest you. Please contact [email protected] with your thoughts and ideas.