Parent Consultation

Consultations can occur online or in-person and could be one-time or on going depending on the needs of the family

Online consultation can be scheduled according to a range of formats. The parent and/or family would understand that these consultations would be based on clinical knowledge accumulated over decades of practice and would not resemble a formal assessment of a child or be noted as a specific intervention that replaces the need for direct intervention in their local area.

Online assessment and consultation:

  • Informational review of forms sent to the family as well as requesting prior reports from other professionals over the past 2 years.
  • 60 or 90-minute online discussion with regards to review.
  • An online discussion could be focused on understanding the developmental profile, the learning profile, the next steps of the investigation if needed, possible intervention ideas that may be helpful
  • Families may elect their entire home team to be available on the call for a team discussion of 2 hours, after the reviewing of the records.
  • Sessions would not be recorded.
  • Parents could also provide video of certain situations and forward this to us. Using video editing software, Maude’s educational commentary is added at certain points in the video. The edited video is then returned to the parents. This has been a favored practice over the years and enables families to review it at their own leisure multiple times with the possibility of sharing it with others. An agreement would be signed that would discourage any public viewing of private information via any form of internet or social media platform. Video reviews would also include reviewing information from questionnaires as well as prior reports over the past 2 years.
  • A confidentiality agreement would be required
  • Families could also request ongoing consultation on a monthly basis or for a specific time period.

Families can contact [email protected] for an available appointment.