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Foundations of Executive Functions – Recording


When: Online on your own time for period of 4 weeks

Description: Executive Functioning Skills—those skills that allow us to formulate plans, organize our thoughts and actions, attend to tasks, use time and space wisely and control our impulses and emotions—are critical in determining an individual’s level of independent living.  Embedded in all aspects of daily living, including home, work and school, individuals with developmental, cognitive, social, and/or language deficits have a weakened executive system and will rely on having structures and supports in place to help them move safely and independently through the day.  This comprehensive recorded workshop provides an overview of EF skills from both a neurological and developmental perspective, helping parents, teachers and therapists not only more fully understand the causation of many challenges, but provide practical, powerful strategies to increase independence and success in all areas of life.

Outline / Agenda:

Session 1 Defining Executive Functioning Skills /History of EF / Neuro-Developmental Perspective

Session 2 Developmental Sequence of EF Skills

Session 3 Co-existing Conditions and Implications

Session 4 Evaluation/Assessment Tools

Learning Objectives:

  1. Define executive function skills and list six skills considered under the umbrella definition.
  2. Identify the neurological and developmental components of EF skill development.
  3. Recognize common co-existing conditions that exacerbate poor EF development.
  4. List formal evaluations, rating scales, and checklists widely used to assess EF needs in children.
  5. Identify six key skills needed to address EF in children.
  6. Describe current research about the most effective strategies for promoting >
  7. Distinguish between weak self-regulation from both a sensory and EF perspective.
  8. Access a minimum of 10 resources or strategies to immediately use with students to assist with impulse and inhibition challenges.

Assessment: Completion of Feedback Form

Certificate of attendance will be provided

Provider Name: Maude Le Roux Academy

Presenter: Lori Benson Adams, M.Ed.

Bio: Lori Benson Adams, M.Ed.,  has been serving children with special needs, as well as their families and professionals,  for over 40 years.    Having taught in public and private settings, in the early intervention field, and in private practice, Lori brings a unique mix of personal and professional insight to the table.   She presently serves as a private educational interventionist with children and families, and  contracts with a variety of local and national schools, public and private, to provide ongoing assistance to children with special needs. Additionally, Lori is a nationally-known speaker who presents classes to parents and professionals on topics such as Dyslexia, Visual Learners, The Critical Importance of Play, and Executive Functioning Skills.  She is a contributing instructor with Sensational Brain, and is a highly sought-after Keynote and Session Speaker at  professional conferences. Lori’s workshops are known for their research-based, highly-practical strategies that get professionals working more effectively immediately.

Special Needs Accommodation: We invite anyone who may need a specific accommodation to contact [email protected] and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Cancellation policy: Payment is due in full with registration through Square on this website and it is non-refundable at any time. Please contact [email protected] should you have any questions in this regard.

What People Are Saying:

Like a shot of adrenalin, passion and inspiration! She is informative, practical, and passionate. Can’t recommend highly enough!

Suzane, OT, AZ

This is a true educator! She knows her stuff, is able to break big concepts down into easy to digest chunks, and she leaves you wanting more! It’s so obvious she loves what she does. I wish I could work with Lori every day!

Maria, SLP, Georgia

I appreciate her easy and relaxed presentation style. She kept us engaged with her humor, and her passion for kids is contagious. Well worth the money!

I appreciate her easy an

WOW! Lori’s workshop was the best I have attended in 23 years as an OT! Not only does she explain in ways that are easy to understand, but she backs up research with ideas I can use right away! Best PD day I’ve had in a long time!

Cynthia, OT, Idaho