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Typical Development – 0 to 3 months (Track 1)

Description: Have you ever wondered what is typical and what is not? We have and this question has driven us back to our books many times. Books and workshops are wonderful though they tend to focus on specific topics. This workshop series is designed to bring the professional and parent to the place of typical development, so we could be realistic in our assessment and intervention planning as well as support families where to focus their attention when considering the myriad of aspects such as academics, social-emotional functioning to only name two.

Maude Le Roux partners with Millicent Viljoen, an occupational therapist, and a mother, through this series of workshops wherein we will provide food for thought regarding typical development. Through Covid19 Millicent, who lives in the UK, recorded her precious little girl every day to send to family in South Africa so all could feel a part of her newfound motherhood and baby. As Maude provides the learning from her experience, books and workshops, Millicent will be interviewed as a mother and discuss her experiences, while also showing recorded samples of her babys development. This first track will cover the first 3 months where so much development takes place and is rich in science, but also the emotional wonder of motherhood. We will also focus on Fatherhood and discuss all the little big decisions that must be made in these first 3 months of life. The information shared will be rich in understanding of children of all ages. Mommies of newborns will gain as much as parents and professionals working with older ages, as so many of the children with developmental delay have stayed stuck” in these early experiences. This series will form the foundation of the entire series as Track 1. The next series will focus on ages 3 to 9 months and will be released later in 2023.


Outline / Agenda: 

10am to 11.30am US ET each session

Wednesday, January 25, 2023,           What happened in utero?

Wednesday, February 1, 2023,           Foundational reflex integration

Wednesday, February 8, 2023,           Attachment from mother and father perspective

Wednesday, February 15, 2023,         Attunement and sense of self

Wednesday, February 22, 2023,         Sensory systems

Friday, February 24, 2023,                  Feeding for growth

Thursday, March 9, 2023,                   Nourishing sleep

Friday, March 17, 2023,                     When trauma happens…..


Learning Objectives:

  • Consider the impact of parent mental health on the different stages of fetus development in the womb, including expectations and hormonal changes
  • List 8 of the primary reflexes and their impact on development
  • Focus on the impact of 4 different attachment styles on the developing baby
  • Discover the influence of co-regulation on the developing right brain and positive impact on later self-regulation
  • Consider multiple practical tips to support development of 8 sensory systems
  • Obtain multiple thoughts around the act of feeding the baby with practical tips and ideas
  • Consider the impact of sleeping cycles on emotional regulation for both parents and baby, as well as on early development
  • Grasp the vastness of impact early trauma can have on the developing baby from the medical, socio-emotional, and sensori-motor perspective


Assessment: Completion of Feedback Form

NBCOT accredidation for licensure CEUs has been applied for

Provider Name: The Maude Le Roux Academy

Presenter: Maude Le Roux, OTR/L (US) and Millicent Viljoen (UK)

Bio: Maude Le Roux is an inspiration to many professionals and parents across the globe.  Her workshops are popular and previous feedback included much praise. Maude was born and raised in South Africa and graduated from the University of Stellenbosch in Cape Town in 1984. Maude and Charl Le Roux moved to the USA in 1993 and opened A Total Approach in September 2001. Maude is SIPT certified and specializes in Sensory Integration services as it applies to functional activities of daily living, including improving the ability of children / students of all ages to partake in their learning environment.

Maude uses the practice of Sensory Integration at her center as a base for all her work. She designs her own live courses with regards to different areas of development and the impact on functional performance, activities of daily living, including the impact on academic performance. Maude works with a team of occupational therapists and speech language pathologists in her center She is well known for her experience and work with children with multiple different diagnosis, ages and stages and has expanded her work to adults, who continue to struggle with developmental delay. Maude has been trained in the DIR/Floortime Method since the late 90’s and became an expert training leader for ICDL in 2011. Her center is recognized as a DIR Certified center in the US. She is a mentor to many therapists, including OT, SLP and DIR professionals internationally. She opened the Maude Le Roux Academy online in January 2019. Maude has presented at conferences in a variety of settings across the US and also internationally. She has co-authored the book, The Listening Journey, with Francoise Nicoloff, and her second book, Our Greatest Allies, is now available on Amazon.com.

Millicent Viljoen is an Occupational Therapist based in Bath, United Kingdom. After moving to the UK in 2019, having a baby during the Covid19 pandemic, and taking a two-year hiatus, she founded Whole Occupational Therapy, a pediatric focused practice.   Originally from South Africa, she has worked in the pediatric field since qualifying as an Occupational Therapist in 2010, from the University of Pretoria.  Millicent is SIPT certified and specializes in Sensory Integration. She works closely with children and their families, especially focusing on coaching parents through the developmental stages of child development. She works with a range of developmental delays, ASD and sensory processing difficulties.   Millicent incorporates the DIR Floortime framework in her work. She is an Expert training leader for ICDL since 2019 and is a mentor for likeminded professionals.

Maude and Millicent met in 2011 when Maude was teaching DIR/Floortime in South Africa, starting a training foundation which evolved into a mentoring relationship and now, a partnership of working and training together. They share a deep interest in developmental relational frameworks.

Special Needs Accommodation: We invite anyone who may need a specific accommodation to contact [email protected] and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Cancellation policy: Payment is due in full with registration through PayPal on this website. If the participant cancels before 30 days of the series, a $25 processing fee will be charged. Cancelling within the last 2 weeks of the workshop will result in 25% processing fee. Please contact [email protected] if you have any further questions in this regard.


Additional Information

Course Type: Track Workshops

Location: Online

Target Audience: Occupational Therapists, Speech Language Pathologists, Physical Therapists, Social Workers, Psychologists, Educators, Parents

Educational Level: Intermediary

Pre-Requisites: None

Number of Participants: Unlimited

Instructional Methods: PowerPoint, Video, Interview

Contact Hours: 12 hours

Fee: $325