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ADHD and the Tomatis Method - Recording

When: 3 Recorded Sessions of 60+ minutes each – View in your own time for period of 90 days

Description: ADHD is a complicated diagnosis with many different facets. Children and adults struggle to maintain their regulation in a world requiring productivity across different timelines. Creativity and ideation may abound and intellectual curiosity be available, but to plan thoughts into efficiency may inhibit their ability to show it. Traditional methods of teaching seem to not produce the result of learning in a satisfactory way. How do we support them to maintain the creativity of who they are, yet enable the self -regulation and inhibition to show their strengths? These 3 sessions will help the attendee to dig deeper into the ADHD type profile and how this impact on learning and social functions, as well as discuss the listening test assessment and how the different parameters of the Tomatis Method could be used to support building attention and executive function.

Outline / Agenda:

Session 1: ADHD, Attention and Working Memory

Session 2: ADHD and Executive Functioning

Session 3: Case study from Maude’s center

Learning Objectives:

The workshop participant will be able to:

  • Summarize 5 key diagnostic markers of ADHD
  • Describe 4 stages of building attention capacity in early development
  • List 3 key components of working memory that contributes greatly to learning
  • Connect the parameters of the Tomatis Method with ADHD through a sample case study discussion

Assessment: Completion of Feedback Form

Provider Name: Maude Le Roux Academy

Speaker: Maude Le Roux, OTR/L, SIPT, CTC, ADHD-RSP

Bio: Maude is a globally known presenter on a variety of different topics. She hails from South Africa, graduated there in 1984, and opened her private practice in Glen Mills, PA in 2001. Maude trained in the Tomatis Method in 2003 and became a trainer in the Tomatis Method in 2009. She is well known in the global Tomatis Community and have spoken at multiple international conferences over the years. She opened the Maude Le Roux Academy in January 2019 as her travel schedule disallowed her the pleasure of feeling “grounded” in her own home! Maude accomplished multiple certifications throughout the years and continues her journey of being a life- long learner. She believes in giving back to her community and has served on the Board of Directors for ATTACh for the past 6 years. Maude co-authored the book, Our Greatest Allies, with Lauren O’Malley and hopes to find the time in the next 5 years to finish another book she has been laboring over. Her wish is for every therapist to come fully into their own being, be their authentic selves, so their clients can also transition from sometimes fragmented places to a new sense of wholeness.

Special Needs Accommodation: We invite anyone who may need a specific accommodation to contact [email protected] and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Cancellation policy: Payment is due in full with registration with no refund at any time. Please contact [email protected] should there be any questions.

Additional Information

Workshop Type: Track

Location: Online

Target Audience: Tomatis Practitioners on all levels

Educational Level: Intermediate

Pre-Requisites: Have to be at least Tomatis level 1 trained

Number of Participants: Unlimited

Instructional Methods: PowerPoint, Case Studies

Contact Hours: 4 hours

Fee: $75

What People Are Saying:

Access to recordings is always much appreciated and always allows for really being able to make use of or apply the knowledge. There is always a good balance between the theories, well explained, and how they relate to the everyday practice. Very few questions remain because the topic was so thoroughly presented.

Judy Feingold – Virginia, USA

Maude is just one of those life mentors that you respect and want to hear anything they touch upon as it will enrich and bring a new level of awareness in your practice.

Eleana Papagiannopoulou, Australia

Thank you, Maude, your beautiful healing work is very much appreciated!!

Karen Lund, New Zealand

Maude has a gift of sharing her extensive knowledge in an organised sequential manner that joins dots and leads to greater understanding and insights. Her courses always leave me feeling inspired! Thank you, Maude!

Celina Quintal-Steytler, South Africa / UK

Maude is a very capable communicator and is able to share her very expansive subject expertise and experience in an excellent way. I enjoy how Maude adds examples and also talks to the subject rather than just reading back what is written on the PowerPoint. All participant questions are addressed and acknowledged.

Julianne Swanepoel, New Zealand

Maude has a talent to take very complicated concepts, breaking them down and explaining it really well and showing where it fits into your current body of knowledge and practise. Leani Kemp, South Africa Maude creates excellent webinars! I see where I have gone wrong in the past, added to my learning to discriminate and understand the kids that expresses the very protective shield in their listening tests. Thank you! Also really appreciate being able to review the webinar - it forces me to get my thoughts in order and really get to grips with what you are saying. You really are such a blessing to this community and an awesome fund of knowledge!! Very best wishes, love and thanks,

Jo Rogers, Zimbabwe

Yes. Thank you! I feel this was essential for applying theory to practice. The training has so much information, especially with the Listening test aspect. Maude creates a safe place to ask questions and be vulnerable about what you do not know/need clarification on. The group dynamic is very supportive and encouraging. Thank you for facilitating an excellent workshop, Maude. You handled a variety of people/levels and backgrounds masterfully.

Sanette Louwrens, USA