$400.00 USD

Dyspraxia Assessment – Obtaining the Fuller Picture

When: Thursdays from 2 to 4pm US ET

Description: As practitioners in the field of early development, educational and social performance, we are under increased pressure to provide thorough, individualized assessments in a timely manner. This 8-week course is the second tier (Silver) of the track series in Dyspraxia and to enroll, the participant would have had to complete the first tier at the bronze level.

  • The information will be presented through the 3-phase system of the Developmental Pathways Model (designed by Maude Le Roux) and support the therapist to be able to discern Sensory Processing as well as different subcategories of Dyspraxia.
  • An evaluation template will be provided upon which possible standardized assessments as well as clinical observations will be discussed to enhance clinical judgment and support intervention goals.
  • Clinical observation forms with norms for each phase will be provided to assist in supporting standardized assessments, as well as provide a strong picture of information in situations where standardized assessments may not be possible.
  • The participant will be provided the videos each week to practice the different clinical observations so the learning will be more fully integrated.
  • Learners will also present their own case studies to discuss clinical thinking
  • This is an intense course, but will satisfy the learners in their ability to apply the theory and science presented in Track 1
  • Due to the in-depth case study discussions this workshop is limited to 12 attendees


Outline / Agenda:

January 12, 2023:        The Dyspraxia Assessment Template

January 26, 2023:        Phase 1 Clinical Observations

February 2, 2023:        Phase 2 Clinical Observations

February 9, 2023:        Phase 3 Clinical Observations

February 16, 2023:      Pre-School Clinical Observations in all 3 phases

February 23, 2023:      Case Study presentations

March 9, 2023:            Case Study presentations

March 16, 2023:          Case Study presentations


Learning Objectives:

  • Identify 3 phases of assessment and clinical observations to support clinical judgment and target intervention.
  • List at least 5 standardized assessment tools for each of the three phases of the Developmental Pathways Model.
  • Analyze through video 3 phases of clinical observations to support clinical understanding.
  • Develop clinical thinking through discussion groups considering the case presentations of peers in this cohort


  • Each therapist would present a case video of clinical observations (5 minutes in length) of their choice with clinical background of 5 minutes to be discussed in the group for 20 additional minutes (30 minutes in total).
  • Each therapist will also be expected to complete a written assessment on the template provided within two weeks after the last meeting date to gain access to a certificate of completion.


Provider Name:

Maude Le Roux Academy

9 LaCrue Ave, Suite 103

Glen Mills, PA 19382

Phone: 484 840 1529

E-mail: [email protected]

Speaker: Maude Le Roux OTR/L, IMC, SIPT, CTC, DIR-FT Expert Trainer

Bio: Maude Le Roux is an occupational therapist with an extensive following of professionals across the globe. She studies human development in different capacities of growth; spanning ages and stages, neuroanatomy, assessment tools as well as current trends of intervention. She completed the SIPT training in 2002 and Sensory Integration forms the foundation from which she continues to develop different tracks of assessment and intervention. Maude is certified in multiple different techniques that she applies uniquely through her Developmental Pathways Model (DPM). She owns and directs a clinical practice in Glen Mills, PA, where she has become known for her effective assessment and intervention protocol. While she trains globally, Maude continues to operate this active practice to continue to inform her work and develop the case studies from which she expands her assessment and intervention protocol. She has a team of dedicated professionals, many of whom had been with her over 10 years as well as being with her since inception of her practice in 2001. Her requirement for practice is a warm, embracing atmosphere operated through clinical expertise and professionalism that will provide quality of care to all entering her practice. She gives back to her community by serving on different boards and currently serves on the Board of Directors for ATTACh, a national organization dedicated to serve families and children with attachment related difficulties and trauma informed care. She co-authored the book “Our Greatest Allies” in 2011 with Lauren O’Malley describing the journey of one child on the autism

Special Needs Accommodation: We invite anyone who may need a specific accommodation to contact [email protected] and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

Cancellation policy: Payment is due in full with registration through PayPal on this website and there is a non-refundable fee of $35 at any time. If the course participant cancels within 30 days prior to the course starting date, the reimbursement would be 75% and within 2 weeks of the course; reimbursement would be calculated at 50%. Please contact [email protected] If the course should be cancelled by the Maude Le Roux Academy, each course participant will be contacted via e-mail notification to announce rescheduled dates or when reimbursement would be issued if not able to reschedule.


Additional Information

Course Type: Track course (Silver)

Location: Online for 120 minutes each week (2 hours)

Target Audience: Occupational Therapists, though other professions may ask to join on special consideration.

Educational Level: Intermediate

Pre-Requisites: Completion of Track 1 on Theory

Number of Participants: 12

Instructional Methods: PowerPoint, video, and case presentation

Contact Hours: 16

Fee: $400


Maude’s webinars are of the highest quality. She is able to share her vast knowledge in an easy, understandable and very humble way, always with a big smile. Maude has the amazing skill to pull all the things that I’ve learned of before over the many years, as well as new information together. I am proud and excited to be an OT again as Maude has shown me what a big role I can and should play. And loads of practical information to start using immediately. Thank you, Maude, I can’t wait to attend your next webinar!!

Christelle Bryan, UK