Easing the Divorce Process

When: January 25 from 7 to 9pm US ET


Regina DeAngelis is a former divorce attorney and the founder of Family Transitions™, a program that helps families calmly divorce so that they avoid the typical emotional and financial trauma associated with the process.

It was over a decade ago, after Regina’s son was diagnosed with the devastating condition Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, that Regina became convinced her clients were wasting too much valuable energy embroiled in battles over their divorces and losing control of their lives to lawyers and courts.

Regina believes that even when facing the most difficult of circumstances, there is always something to be grateful for. She refocuses her clients’ perspectives as the divorce unfolds so that the family builds positive forward momentum, rather than allowing lawyers and courts to force them into adversarial roles and keep them stuck in anger and blame. Regina consciously focuses on helping her clients rise above the circumstances that frequently become emotionally overwhelming and trigger fighting in traditional divorce, so that they create a strong foundation for co-parenting when the divorce is over.
Regina knows first hand that, even when parties intend to be amicable, the traditional divorce process forces families into “victim vs. villain” roles and literally takes over their lives. On top of the normal stress and grief involved in a marriage ending, your life becomes consumed with gathering information for lawyers and preparing for court dates. After years of being frustrated with the process (and going through it herself), in 2018 Regina started Family Transitions Divorce Coaching & Mediation™. Since then, she has helped dozens of families navigate the hardest circumstances so that they avoid the typical emotional and financial destruction of divorce. Regina’s clients get through their divorces efficiently and calmly, transitioning to two households with control as they create divorce agreements that are tailored to the complicated needs of their families (no cookie-cutter approach here).

At Family Transitions™, Regina’s clients participate in a coaching and mediation program known as The Twenty-First Century Family Transition.™ This program shifts the process from one of blame, anger and shame to compassion, empathy, and mutual acceptance. It also saves families thousands of dollars over traditional divorce, because the program gives them comprehensive information about all aspects of divorce, so that her clients normally avoid lawyers completely. The financial savings are just a bonus though. The most important benefit is creating a healthy, two-household family that minimizes emotional harm to the parties AND the children, and provides a strong foundation for healthy co-parenting.

If you or someone you know is facing divorce and want the tools to get through calmly, efficiently, and without lawyers and courts, contact Regina DeAngelis at [email protected], or simply schedule a free call to confidentially discuss your family’s future at


Webinar Description:

Regina’s webinar will cover such topics as:

  • How it is possible to move through a calm and efficient divorce process that avoids the typical emotional and financial trauma associated with divorce, even if you and your spouse can barely speak without arguing right now
  • How not making any rash decisions, such as hiring lawyers or moving out of the house can actually pave the way for a smooth transition to two-households.
  • Why avoiding the expected social narrative of “victim vs. villain” makes divorce so toxic and destructive and the key to avoiding this destructive trap
  • How complicating life factors such as a child with special needs of any kind make it even more important to keep your family out of a “family” court system that applies a cookie cutter approach to all families, regardless of circumstances
  • How transforming your divorce process by avoiding the traditional divorce system benefits your and your children’s emotional health in the short-term, and also provides benefits for many years to come